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The former Pope released two encyclicals on this matter. In the first he cautiously said it was "OK" to be gay, but not to have Gay sex, and in the second, he said that Gay people made "an important contribution to church community and should be offered the full dignity of human life"

What part of the full dignity of human life is the denial of formal recognition of your partnership with the person you love.

Being gay is not a choice, it is an inate emotional orientation. People get hung up on its sexualisation, but sex is just a side affect of who you are most likely to form strong emotional bonds with.

I find it interesting that people like to quote from the bible, and it is all old testament stuff, but the world has moved on to the new testament. Consider this - Homosexuality was rampant around the time of Jesus, it was an integrated part of Roman life, and yet he didn't see it as an issue worthy of one comment on the matter. He saw bigger issues as an affront to God, and we should take his lead on this matter.

Some of the old testament views are responsible for violence against Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgendered people. Homophobia also causes many teenage guys who discover they are gay to commit suicide, or more tragically who even think they may be gay or who for some reason become the target of gay related villification.

Since when has homophobia been a "family value"?

For the record I am gay. I am pleased this forum seems to have a mature approach to this issue.
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