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Originally Posted by scottwww View Post
Thank you. I agree. Let's shrink federal government like a deflated balloon. Then we can also shrink federal government taxation.

[In case you haven't noticed before, I suggest the states then decide, with their own electorate, what they want their OWN state government to do.]

I already know that you want to destroy the US economy by multiplying by 50 all the bureaucracy that businesses already have to deal with. You've said it all before. What you are calling for would result in:

50 different emissions standards
50 different health care standards
50 different banking standards
50 different environmental standards
50 different book keeping standards
50 different investment/retirement standards
50 times the political corruption

I can't think of anything more damaging to businesses in the US than having 50 different standards replacing each and every current Federal standard. The destructive force on businesses being thown off a cliff into that ever-moving chaos would hammer the final nail in the coffin of the US economy.

Gone would be any ability for companies to plan. Uncertainty would be through the roof as any single state could change anything anytime. Big companies would become mired in lobbying, spending all their time wrangling corrupt wildcat small-time local political hacks with axes to grind.

What you call choice, I call market uncertainty on a level never seen before. You will destroy our country, but at least you will have choices, right?

Like I just got done saying, the United States is in a competitive market. If you make 50 different markets out of the United States, we lose the global economic fight. Our strength is in our unity. This is true in both the geopolitical theater and in the global economic competitive market.