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Originally Posted by scottwww View Post
Some would probably call those the words of a pragmatist. It could be a Republican, a Democrat, or something else. In any case, it is someone who favors the status quo over change. And beyond the status quo, the continuation of the move to larger government influence. That move may seem like the least painful alternative, but an alcoholic goes through a tough time when they quit drinking. Maybe we are overdue for this correction.

I would like to see a gentle glide to smaller government, but that never happens. It only inflates itself, and has become gargantuan. If it cannot be deflated, it will pop on it's own and then it is worse than it could have been.

I hope that isn't too many metaphors for you.
That's fine, but does not address the fundamental question of: do we raise the debt ceiling? The communists I quoted say yes. What say you?
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