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Originally Posted by KGB7 View Post
Communists? .. What?? Are you a communist???

If i have a business, and if i cont to take out loans that i cant repay, at some point i will go in to default and the bank will take my business.

So why would i take a loan knowing i will never be able to repay it? Thats just stupid! Instead i would cut back on my spendings until i can afford to spend money on more things.

And if i cant get a loan, then i fire people and cut back on my spending till i can get back in the green.

Its economics 101.
So you don't agree with my quotes? You think they're crazy just because they're communists?

You take the loan knowing/thinking you CAN repay it. You rely on business coming in to repay loans. Most small businesses take out loans to pay payroll. It's common practice. That's why so many small businesses went under over the past few years. When banks stopped lending money, small businesses couldn't exist anymore.
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