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Originally Posted by 1997gtx View Post
The only thing I'll add about this whole "Natural Born Citizen" thing is imagine if in this country you always HAD to have both parents born here for a child to be a natural born citizen? With such a nation of immigrants, I imagine there wouldn't have been too many natural born citizens.
I haven't looked at the statistics. At any one time, what would be the ratio of

children born of citizens
children born of aliens

I would guess that children born of citizens, at all times in the United States, had far outweighed the number of children born of aliens. Just a guess.

What was it like when you were either natural born or you were alien? Was it like that for long?

Before the 14th Amendment, how were children born of aliens regarded? Were they citizens? Or only upon their attainder of age (whether that meant 18 years old, 21 years old, or whatever) when they had an option?

I know that in immigration statutes there are many changes through American history with the amount of time living within the country, etc. for various aspects of attaining citizenship. I haven't looked at citizenship by statute for awhile. It is probably outside the scope of this thread, but worthy of discussion somewhere. There were just so many changes in statute that it becomes difficult to study, and difficult to draw any conclusions from it. And it really doesn't have any effect on the discussion of "natural born Citizen" as statute cannot change that.