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Originally Posted by NYCGP View Post
The way I was explained the story by a friend I know in the liquor distribution business.. Tecate and Ed Hardy signed a deal. They produced a SHIT ton of this garbage beer. They then sponsored all of these parties out in the hamptons. People thought it was complete trash and no one drank it. All of these distributors were stuck with shitty beer and no where to unload it. He told me he couldn't give it away. He marked it down and kept marking it down until one day he just threw it out.

I charged him to haul it away...
epic win for you, epic fail for them

the concept for this beer actually seems like it could have been successful (there are a LOT of ed hardy juiceheads out in the hamptons), but ultimately the execution was a complete disaster. they should have at least put some effort into the taste.
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