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Originally Posted by stefan View Post
If you've owned a BMW or other high-quality European car, forget the STi. It's built like utter garbage. My 09's interior was falling apart at 9,000km. They have bus-sized steering wheels, horrible steering feel, and a peaky, fragile engine. Just search up how many people have idiotically tried to tune their STi to Stage 2 and had the engine blow up because they did too many "in-gear" pulls up a hill or something.. it's a joke. Made me scared enough to ditch my car at 11,000km. Loved the AWD system though. Oh well.. it's not worth it one bit IMO.. for the odd time you want "snow or gravel" performance..

That said, if you're looking for bargain basement AWD performance with a warranty (sort of) and you don't plan on pushing it past Stage 1, I'd just get an Evo not an STi.

The Subaru modding community is delusional. They spend insane amounts of money modifying their cars to be hardcore performance vehicles when they probably just should have bought an actual performance vehicle (or at least cut down on the costs by starting with an Evo).

<-ex-sti owner (made the mistake twice).