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Originally Posted by TrackRat View Post
So you're saying you have no dyno data, you were unable to read the bogus dyno data correctly, you have no engine expertise, you don't understand airflow or air volume vs. time which determines if there is a restriction and at what engine speed this would occur, how this relates to engine power and yet you're unwilling to pay for accurate engine dyno testing. This is the norm for people in denial.

Do you see how silly your argument is? You don't know what you don't know technically and you don't want to be confused by facts that refute your technically uninformed beliefs.

Unfortunately denial has never changed reality. People believe whatever they want to believe even when it is untrue. I can lead a person to knowledge but I can't force them to educate themselves.

I posted dyno data, but you chose to ignored it because it is a chassis dyno, even though chassis dyno is used world wide to accurately measure data. Plus you have no engine dyno data either.

Whos in denial now? The door swings both ways buddy.


Here, you can read from the horses mouth. They use engine dyno among many other equipment to test air filters.

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