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Originally Posted by Silver-Bolt View Post
Not true. The data is gathered from the ECU. Typically the measure speed, RPM, brake pressure, throttle position, seatbelt used, etc. No GPS needed.
Yep, and your BMW already does that. However, without the GPS antenna, the ECU won't be able to store trip information, which is what everyone seems to be concerned about.

As evidenced by the following quotes from the news article:

"Or what if you’re going through a divorce, and you decide to work with an attorney who can tell you, with utmost accuracy, the exact driving route of your spouse over the past six months? You could use that data in court, especially if your spouse visited a special friend every day."


"However, one concern has to do with insurance companies and law enforcement obtaining driving behavior from black boxes, including crash data and GPS driving routes. Experts warn that this data collection could be easily expanded, tracking much more than your driving speed."