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Originally Posted by KGB7 View Post
Since you dont have any data on hand what so ever, let alone a link to a website/s, then everything you have said has very little to no value.
You don't need that if you use common sense. IF there's any restriction, it's at the top of the rpm band, when the engine needs the most air. And if you still can't see that, just do a dyno with no air filter. If you don't get your 13HP 'across the board' (you won't ), then how the hell can you get it with a filter in place? That should answer your question, even if you don't understand why .

Originally Posted by dogears View Post
Err... Yeah. I posted that. I was proving Trackrat is wrong and that there may actually be measureable gains by changing to the less restrictive EU filter.
Again, if there's any restriction, it'd be at very high rpm, when the engine needs the most air. But 'measurable' doesn't translate to 'meaningful' . Even with the stock filter, you're talking 2 to 3 HP real difference. ALL aftermarket manufacturers want to justify their crap to potential buyers, so by simple common sense (again) you need to realize those results are completely biased. And it's not like I'm defending trackrat (he's in my ignore list), but many folks just don't understand a lot of those claims are just ridiculous. If you live in the desert, like I do, filtration should be WAY more important than any little gains in HP at top rpm (how long do you keep your engine up there?) and/or cheap intake noise a racing filter provides, but to each his own. I'm signing off this thread. Good day gang.