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Originally Posted by Alpine3 View Post
After carefully babying the car for two years, I've decided its not worth all the hassle to drive it like its a super car. I would park it in the middle of nowhere in the parking lot so I don't get a ding; I would put bumper blockers on it when I park it on the street, I would always park careful and make sure my mint forgestars don't get a scuff. After my friend bend my wheel and my dad scuffed my wheels, and someone dinged my side, and someone scratched my front bumper I've given up. Its a waste of time Anyone feel the same. Oh, and I now feel that all my mods were a waste of money.
Congrats. you are an adult now.

I still park to avoid dings, and park carefully, beyond that there isn't much you can do.

Oh, and you should try a carwash, you'll love it!