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Originally Posted by footie View Post
I can't speak for Audi or what goes on behind closed doors but going by past experience Audi have never switch an engine is one of their RS models mid-cycle. Now before you say it, that it's is a different car to the RS5, I already know this but it is basically an RS5 with an estate shell so all the development work was completed and it's much simplied and cheaper to transplant the entire RS5 guts and be done with it.

That said I am in complete agreement with you, FI is the way forward and no manufacture has more experience of FI than the combined companies that make up VAG.
I was just hoping that they drop the 4.2 V8. And your input seems more logical as Audi would save alot of money on R&D by just transplanting the current 4.2FSI V8 in the RS4.

Just a thought, I would have loved the new hotted up 2.5 straight 5(450hp+) in the new RS4. That would have been great but oh well
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