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Maybe a GT-R. I think the insane bang for buck highly influences that decision though.
I've been at war with myself as to whether or not the Audi RS5 looks good. Someone once said it looks like a Camaro and now all I can see is a smaller version of it when I see one. Not sure what the price is though.
The 1-M is starting to grow on me with those ridiculous fender flares and wheelbase-to-body-ratio (yes, it's a made-up term).
The Viper is pretty damn sexy. The epitome of testosterone-overdose.
Fisker Karma is beautiful. But I don't know if it counts.

Ok, I'll shut up and give someone else a go now.
(first post ever by the way!)

Edit: Nevermind, I just saw ///M Ryder's signature and remembered how sexy an M3 can be
I really think Stefan hit the nail on the head with his statement: "It's simple, elegant, classic yet modern, and aggressive all at the same time."

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