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To put the FINAL nail in this corpse filled coffin, if you are going to quote the dissenting opinion and back it, you should quote the all important conclusion of the dissenting opinion:

"I am of opinion that the president and senate by treaty, and the congress by legislation, have the power, notwithstanding the fourteenth amendment, to prescribe that all persons of a particular race, or their children, cannot become citizens"

Do you understand that you are backing the losing side, who used their claims to conclude that the Congress could ban people from becoming US citizens based solely on their race? This is racist.

Again, if you don't want to be called a racist, don't quote racists here on this board. It's bad enough that you tried to leave out that your quote came from the losing side of a SCOTUS decision, do you have to side with the racist justices too?

This is as bad as quoting the founding fathers putting that black slaves are only worth 3/5ths a white man in the constitution, and then claiming Obama can't be President because the founding fathers were against having a black president.

Stop dredging up old racist crap from the worst racist times in America.

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