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Other bullcrap that Vattel believed in:

" 122. Right of carrying off women.

… A nation cannot preserve and perpetuate itself, except by propagation. A nation of men has, therefore, a right to procure women, who are absolutely necessary to its preservation; and if its neighbours, who have a redundancy of females, refuse to give some of them in marriage to those men, the latter may justly have recourse to force"

This is seriously your guy you are backing in this debate? Do you also believe a nation has the right to force women from other nations into being sex slaves by force? Really? You are backing the sex slave trader?

But the thing that really kills your argument is reality.

In reality, the US has ALREADY dealt with the issue when Chester A. Arthur was elected US President. Because "At the time of the birth of the future president, Arthur's father was an Irish subject of the United Kingdom" just like Obama's father.

History has already played out. You are wrong. You are dead in the water.

If you and the right-wing Republitards wants to be the folks who are seen denying a Black President what was allowed for a White President, don't go crying about "race cards". If you find yourself quacking like a duck, stop quacking.

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