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Originally Posted by sakimano View Post
you may need to further qualify that though...and mention that that kind of time is likely only achievable on a stock test car handpicked and given to a magazine by BMW...and only the 2011-2012 models...and only when being compared to the 450hp RS5 and 550hp CTS-V. I don't remember seeing ANY of the E9X M3 tests producing even mid 12s times before the past 4-5 months when the competition got a little bump.

Reality? M3 owners I've seen at the strip struggle to get into the 12s on more than 1 pass at a test and tune. 12.7-13.3 is the range I typically see guys run and I've only seen a couple of 12.5ish 'best of the day' times by E9x M3 guys at the local dragstrip, even with a couple of mods like exhaust etc. Bone stock cars rarely run 12.6-7 even.
What's up Saki! I used to be on Audizine with my B7S4.

I don't want to flame you, but I will say my M3 is a helluva lot faster than my IS350 (13.2) and my B7S4 (13.4). Take that for what it's worth, but guys running 13.3's at sea level with an E9x M need to check and see if their right foot is still connected before going to the drag strip!
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