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Originally Posted by Onurleft View Post
A stock E92 will run 12.30s@114+ in perfect conditions with perfect driving.

X5's are trapping 108-111.

There should be no arguing in this thread. A stock E92 M3 with the right driver is faster in every way shape and form, except off the hit. Freaking duh, it's called torque.

you may need to further qualify that though...and mention that that kind of time is likely only achievable on a stock test car handpicked and given to a magazine by BMW...and only the 2011-2012 models...and only when being compared to the 450hp RS5 and 550hp CTS-V. I don't remember seeing ANY of the E9X M3 tests producing even mid 12s times before the past 4-5 months when the competition got a little bump.

Reality? M3 owners I've seen at the strip struggle to get into the 12s on more than 1 pass at a test and tune. 12.7-13.3 is the range I typically see guys run and I've only seen a couple of 12.5ish 'best of the day' times by E9x M3 guys at the local dragstrip, even with a couple of mods like exhaust etc. Bone stock cars rarely run 12.6-7 even.