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Originally Posted by VVG View Post
Honestly, I find it amusing that anyone would drag race an M3. That is clearly not where this car excels. The beauty of the M3 is in its supreme balance, dynamics and sujective feel. While certainly not slow, drag racing the M3 and getting thrilled about the fact that it can "beat" something else is a bit of a joke. There is a long list of cars stock and modded that will "beat" an M3.

IMO, there are only a handful of stock non-exotics worth bragging about in this regard. Z06 or ZR1 vette, Viper, GTR, 911 Turbo. One could even agrue that the 911 turbo is bordering on exotic.

Really, if you want the biggest "drag dick" around, get a GTR and just get a reflash. You'll be running 10's all day long. Everyone else should just keep quiet. if you buy an M3 you're only allowed to take it to track days? Can't accelerate on the straight section of an on-ramp? Just the curvy bit? Can't accelerate WOT on the highway...just going around corners in the city? Can't acclerate on the straightaway at the track? Just the bends? BMW didn't give it a high revving V8 and 414hp for nothing but track days kiddo.

give me a break

further, your 'just get a GTR' argument is senseless and pious

1. why should they ditch their car and buy a GTR? They already own an M3 and want to test the car's acceleration vs other cars or maybe a dragstrip's timing equipment. Your GTR idea is batshit stupid as well. There are far more effective (and buslengths faster) ways to get a dragcar besides buying a $90,000 GTR.

2. the GTR is ironically a far better track assassin than any M3. So if someone does sell their M3 and buys a GTR for drag racing per your instructions, will you then lecture them for dragracing what is arguably the greatest production (of size) track car in the world? make none.