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Originally Posted by Sandye90m3 View Post
"The airfilter makes slightly more power, and increases the air flow by 30% it makes the fuel consumption better.
You're wrong in using 'racing filters' . Why? Does your engine need 30% more air flow? The answer is NO. But you're getting 30% (or whatever the number is) more dirt ALL THE TIME. Furthermore, if the stock paper filter is restricting the engine at all (questionable), it'd happen at the VERY TOP of the rpm range, where the tach spends less than a fraction of a percent of the time the engine runs. And if anything, it's only a few HP you can't even feel or notice. Fuel mileage and power is unchanged anywhere else than the very top of the rpm band. Again, just because a filter can flow 'x'% more than stock, means the engine can use it. All people are doing with racing filters is adding cheap-sounding noise (I HATE it), and dirt to their engines, which is not good in the long run. And for those with not enough common sense to realize a filter that you can see thru will let a lot of dirt pass thru, can do a very easy test blowing dirt thru a shopvac into both stock and racing filter with a wet, white shop towel on the back, and watch the results. I'm amazed what marketing can do in this country, from those filters, to magic weight-loss pills, to products that erase scratches like they were never there . Good day gang.

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