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Does Engine Modifications Cause Harm?

The other day, my Dad and I were driving back from the golf course and I told him that the engine in this car sounds unreal but the fuel consumption is pretty bad.

He then replies saying "I don't think it sounds right, whatever you did to the engine is probably making it sound even raspier and I don't know, but that filter might be making the fuel consumption even worse"

Me: "The airfilter makes slightly more power, and increases the air flow by 30% it makes the fuel consumption better."

To cut this thread short he then says this statement "If BMW could have made more power out of the engine, they would have done so. They have put so many years of engineering into this engine, don't you think they know better than you? If an air filter would have made the engine breath better and produce more power, they would have done so. That is why I don't want you to modify the engine"

I then told him that BMW doesn't care about the power, all they care about is the amount of money that goes into the corporation by consumers buying their products. I further said that if they made this car faster, the car would beat the M5 and M6, which would attract less consumers to purchase the M5/6 which would inevitably would make the company lose money. That is why the M3 is not made to it's full power. With all the bolt-ons the car can make around 460HP (random guess) which is enough to beat the M5 in a straight line.

Anyways please disregard the he said/she said, but I come to my main point. Why didn't BMW make the M3 come with the extra power that you can get from a Pulley, Airfilter, Exhaust, Throttle bodies, Headers and etc...? More specifically, why doesn't the M3 come with a better intake/air flow system, and pulley that would actually take off stress on the engine?
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