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Originally Posted by Singletrack View Post
This is even funnier. You are totally misreading Travis' statement. Here, let's do this a third time:

"As I increased the amount of Load requested to begin raising horsepower, it became obvious that the factory timing table was a bit too aggressive, especially at higher loads. The ECU properly addressed it via timing correction on the noisy cylinder(s), but relying on a prompt response from the ECU during knock events is a dangerous tuning strategy."

So he was actually requesting more power from the engine and found that, at those higher load values, the timing was too aggressive. He was tuning the software.

Luckily, aftermarket exhausts do not reflash this ECU to request more power from the engine.
You missed the point -entirely- and you took it literally. The point of *me* posting that was to prove that BMW engine control works in the same way as everyone else, there is no pixie dust making S65's work differently than all other modern engine control. I'd say I'm 2 steps ahead, but it's more like 5.
Catch up, you have a lot of reading to do.
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