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Driveway issue? (ZCP on order)

I have a new M3 E90 ZCP that is on order. It just finished up production, so hopefully should be here in 2 or 3 weeks. The waiting is driving me crazy...

Anyhow, while waiting, I have started to get nervous about whether I am going to have a scraping problem with my stupidly steep driveway. The attached pic shows it from four different angles. As you will see, its a really steep, weird driveway that is banked to the right. The good news is that while it is steep (about 20 degrees at the steepest point), the angle increases fairly smoothly.

First off, it goes without saying that the M3 will be taking the spot in the garage where the minivan is now, so that I can use the less steep side of the driveway. My plan of action is to approach from the left hand side side of the street (when looking at the head-on image in the upper left) at a 45 degree or more angle, and getting the left wheel up on the curb to raise up the front. Then I plan to gently swing the right wheel on the curb, while keeping the car to left side of the driveway as much as possible, as it is the least steep.

What I am most worried about is the transition from the less-inclined sidewalk part to the to the more-inclined driveway part (particularly in the middle). I plan on creeping along and putting the car in sport EDC mode, but I just am getting nervious that it might simply be too steep for the low front. I would think that backing in would be worse, as all the weight would shift towards the front, already the lowest part of the car.

Any thoughts on whether this is achievable or whether I am screwed? Alternatively, any thoughts on better approach angles to make this work? If it just is not possible with the stock ZCP, anyone know of way to raise up the ride height by 10mm to return to the non-ZCP height?

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