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Pretty much the one thing all friends who visit NYC say is how gorgeous the women are here and how tiny the apartments are compared to where they live. If you are a extrovert and end up spending most of your time outside your place then you will love NYC.

I have spent a summer for work in cali, and I loved it. It will be my next move (SF), LA is just too much traffic and chaos. Either way when you are in one place you will want to be in the other in due time. The one thing that is hard to live without once you leave NYC is the convience of everything...anything can be had 24/7, everything and anything you imagine delivers, amazing beer gardens, best steak houses in the country, easiest ways to get around (subway or cab) and queens+bk are a whole new world. That said you will need min. 100k to enjoy the best of the city, or a great job with perks/expense account.

And yes ALOT of ppl are always trying to move to cali for the change of pace, cleanier living and overall better std in living, but you working in finance could really do well in NYC.

You only live once- i say screw it and move out and give it a shot

While you find a place feel free to crash on my couch
Yea, those are the reasons why I'd ever want to live there anyways. The most difficult thing would be adjusting to actual seasons as well as being away from good friends and family.

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it also depends on your personal preference, personality. i went to b-school on the east coast, and wasn't really impressed w/ most of the finance/ibanking/sales brain trust (its not rocket science to put together pitch books). the exception to that would be the hardcore math/physics phd quant jocks who speak in differential equations and work in trading or similar positions.
Haha you speak the truth. mindless 80hr/week pitchbook work isn't necessarily what I'm touting, especially since no one puts those together after the age of 24/25 anyways. And the guys who write algorithms for computer based trading models aren't even the kinds of guys who can speak in broad strokes about anything. But you know what I was getting at ; )
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You are entitled to your opinion.

I have lived in both LA and NYC and that is my opinion and by the the way don't take it so personally.

Werd. I dig your town, especially the women. If only my far too frequent visits to ATL weren't purely for business, I might have some more time to enjoy.