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Originally Posted by Edward View Post
Who said anyone was broke? I'm not sure if you are working yet or not, but people are a product of their environment. People thrive around other bright people. The brain trust held within the confines of high finance in NY are far superior to that in the west coast.

Originally Posted by Edward View Post
Anyhow, now I can either move to our NY offices and take my rolodex with me and make exactly the same amount of money while inreasing my living costs by a ton, or I can leave this one and try to get a new one, but end up leaving a significant amount of deferred comp on the table that most other firms would never replace for me. Plus I'd have to sell my new car that I just bought.

Is it worth pushing against all cons and making decisions by the seat of my pants? or should I stay put and not be an idiot?

Your words, not mine.

You might not be broke per-say, but increasing your spendings by that much is close to being broke.

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