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Originally Posted by KGB7 View Post
I would pay extra $10-20k for a truly "Special Edition" car and not just some pos like this one.

Any one of you can duplicate same mods on their M3 for a whole lot less at most local shops in US and call it "Special Edition".
This may be a POS for those of us on this board who know how to mod cars etc etc.. but many don't know that these mods exist, let alone how to do it.
When I put some CF stuff on my previous 335i, people always said stuff like "omg it looks so cool. how'd you do that etc etc" (by people I mean non-enthusiasts)

Thus, in China, having anything that's different, thus more expensive (key word), equals better than the other person.
I bet you those with this CF M3 think it's 10x better than their friends who have 'normal' M3s.

Kudos for BMW as the more money they make there, the more money they'll have to spend on future models etc. These special editions cost them almost little extra and are pure profit.

Originally Posted by elp_jc View Post
Holy cow! Who the hell can/would pay $189K for a freaking M3? We're talking almost new Ferrari money here. Unbelievable. China seems like Mexico, where the majority of citizens are either rich or poor. And we're heading that way too . Interesting.

a Ferrari that costs 200k here will prly cost near 500k there.

In the US, you may have money to buy a 70k car (like a M3) but not the money to buy a 200k car (like a Ferrari). So, in China, a M3 costs 190k and you can afford to buy it, but you can't afford to buy a 500k Ferrari.

We American's don't understand how spoiled we are... we don't get such high import/luxury taxes as other countries.

In Iran, a base model small engine (usually under 2l) will cost nearly $100k! That is Porsche money right there.. for a freaking C class (and not even an AMG)
If I remember right, there's a 100% Import tax and a 100% Luxury tax.