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You guys are . Even in the facts you don't back down. Not uncommon but seriously gives me the The fact that you don't understand why an argument about running 87 is relevant to timing changes related to changing exhaust configuration is valid should be a clue to you.

Let's try a different highlighting strategy.

"As I increased the amount of Load requested to begin raising horsepower, it became obvious that the factory timing table was a bit too aggressive, especially at higher loads. The ECU properly addressed it via timing correction on the noisy cylinder(s), but relying on a prompt response from the ECU during knock events is a dangerous tuning strategy."
How does it look now?

S65 doing timing correct for exhaust poses the same dangers as above. The physics are the same. There is no pixie dust in the S65 ECU that makes it work better. The base timing map after changing exhaust parts will not change and will be suboptimal requiring timing corrections which were designed to cope with fuel quality and manufacturing tolerances, and _not_ redneck engineering.
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