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Originally Posted by MRE90M3 View Post
Base M3 in China is 160,000 USDollars. It's the same price all over Asia. So 30k above base? Well why not. It's not practical but h what do we know about what they know lol.
A E92 M3 with "free" competition package upgrade costs approximately USD$320,000 in Singapore. With taxes etc, Hong Kong sells it close to Singapore's pricing from the last i heard.

China has a huge fan base for BMWs. It isn't just BMW that is milking the China market. Audi and Merc are also frantically trying to earn as much as they can from the growing economy there too.

Let's be honest, over the years, we can only accept the fact that most stuffs have the "Design in XXX, Made in China" label. Especially when I stay within Asia itself, I can't escape the fact that so many products come from the country despite the fact that I will still try to purchase Germany/Japan products for many of my crucial engineering equipments.

By the way, for many who forgot about what happened during WWII, Japan invaded China during history. Most Chinese are still bitter over what happened and therefore, are not supportive over Japanese cars/products despite knowing of their quality. Many Japanese factories within China also ran into problems with their workers as they conducted strikes over the past few years. (Note: Happened largely to Japanese companies only)

In conclusion, our dear BMW group will try to tap from the money stream of the growing land of economy as much as they can now. In the future, when the Chinese are more experience from the information/training that they can receive from industries all over the world; they will start to set up their own higher quality companies, away from those lousy fake copies that we see in the market at the moment.

From there, it may just be a different ball game for everyone in the automotive field. I don't see why there won't be china vehicles been driven in America or European soil within the next 50-100 years. Look where the Japanese and Korean cars are at now?

People drive M3s overseas while we can only afford public transport in my country..