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Originally Posted by CAPSGOD View Post
Touareg is a good option but there are several things going against it with the 2012 model.

VAG has decontented it dramatically (as with all their USA bound vehicles.) There is no more Executive trim for the US (which included several good options.) You can't get a CD changer if you get Nav. Instead you only get a single CD player that's inside the glove box. And there are no more stand alone options. You only can buy it in Sport, Sport with Nav, and Lux. All packaged trims.

In addition they removed the 4X-Motion and no longer have a real locking differential (it's now a basic Torsen style AWD.) So it's no longer the off road 4x4 king that it once was. And now you're also stuck with a huge (and top heavy) glass pano roof unless you get the very base model which comes with nothing. With the Cayenne you can opt out of a pano or a moonroof altogether.

Plus you have VWoA to deal with and sketchy reliability and build quality.

The Treg is a great looking truck, with a nice interior plus decent handling. And you have a TDI choice. But they are still relatively high priced. But you can carefully option out a Cayenne for a reasonable price. And with the Cayenne you have a much better suspension and a wider choice of stand-alone options. Granted it does cost more, but you do get a lot more in the end. And you deal with PCNA and have better dealership service (and knowledge.)