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Please don't misunderstand. In China, a regular M3 normally is pretty close to that number already. They pay huge luxury import premiums in China.

The question is, would you pay $10-20K more than normal for a special edition?
I know Americans would gladly pay for a legitimate special edition if one was released.
I saw a guy purchase a 1M for $10K over STICKER just to secure one off of a showroom floor.

I think BMW is hesitant with these special editions in the U.S. (similarly to their own German market) because American & German buyers are more discerning about what is really "special." We're not just going to jump at a special "decal" edition, especially if the main thrust of all of these special editions are cosmetic... If all you want is a cosmetic upgrade, you're better off just using the $20K towards personalizing your M through the Individual department.

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