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Originally Posted by ChuckGm3 View Post
So my lease is up in about a month, my buy out price is great so I'm not going to turn it in, I'm going to buy it, but then what? Obviously I know the opinions here will be biased but I'm curious to see what you guys think.

1. Keep my 2008 M3
Pros: $33k, Love it, Handles great, Familiar
Cons: iDrive just went out ($??), Spendy maintenance, not new

2. 2011 M3
Pros: Love it, Maintenance and Warranty, handles great, possible collector car, new
Cons: $68k, A lot of $ for the same car I've had the last 3 years

3. 2011 Corvette Grand Sport
Pros: Fast, Looks good (imho), cheap to maintain
Cons: $68k decently equipped, old man car stigma

4. 2008 Corvette
Pros: $36k, Fast, cheap to make stupid fast
Cons: pre-owned, old man car stigma

5. 2011 CTS-V Coupe
Pros: Looks Great (imho), Different, stupid fast
Cons: $68k, Not sure about handling, cadillac

6. 2011 Cayman S
Pros: Looks good, Handles great, different
Cons: $66k, slow, douche stigma

7. 2008 Cayman S
Pros: Price, Looks good, handles great, different
Cons: spendy to maintain, slow, douche stigma

8. 2012 1M Coupe
Pros: Price, Handles well, different
Cons: slow, ugly

What do you guys think? I'm open to other suggestions also.
$33k to buy your M3? WOOOOW. Its a $40k+ car. Buy it.
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