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Originally Posted by ChuckGm3 View Post
So my lease is up in about a month, my buy out price is great so I'm not going to turn it in, I'm going to buy it, but then what? Obviously I know the opinions here will be biased but I'm curious to see what you guys think.

1. Keep my 2008 M3
Pros: $33k, Love it, Handles great, Familiar
Cons: iDrive just went out ($??), Spendy maintenance, not new

2. 2011 M3
Pros: Love it, Maintenance and Warranty, handles great, possible collector car, new
Cons: $68k, A lot of $ for the same car I've had the last 3 years

3. 2011 Corvette Grand Sport
Pros: Fast, Looks good (imho), cheap to maintain
Cons: $68k decently equipped, old man car stigma

4. 2008 Corvette
Pros: $36k, Fast, cheap to make stupid fast
Cons: pre-owned, old man car stigma

5. 2011 CTS-V Coupe
Pros: Looks Great (imho), Different, stupid fast
Cons: $68k, Not sure about handling, cadillac

6. 2011 Cayman S
Pros: Looks good, Handles great, different
Cons: $66k, slow, douche stigma

7. 2008 Cayman S
Pros: Price, Looks good, handles great, different
Cons: spendy to maintain, slow, douche stigma

8. 2012 1M Coupe
Pros: Price, Handles well, different
Cons: slow, ugly

What do you guys think? I'm open to other suggestions also.
I'd get a used C6 Z06 and just have fun with it till the 2012 M3 comes out.
Then sell it, and get the 2012 M3 (granted that the 2012 M3 is any good).

I wouldn't worry about it having some miles, though.
You'd only be using it as a toy for a year or two.
Who cares, just have some fun.

F the old man stigma shit.
You won't give a crap when you're grinning ear to ear with your foot on the floor.

(Although I get the Porsche tiny penis thing... If I was single that car would probably work against me, lol. But with a turbo kit, who gives a crap. That little thing is a mini GT2. Plus cost of entry + turbo isn't that much, so it's a great little set-up.