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Originally Posted by Hedges View Post

One of the response to the OP over there

"I'm just happy the highway roll racing ****** crew made it over here. Hopefully we can meat up and let them show us their vtaks. The coolest part about roll racing is when you get shut the fuck up poser ricer roll race queers. Any sub 2800lb car that makes 500whp is fucking stupid because its undrivable on a real track, which you'll never see because you don't have a real job. I highly recommend that you make a plan for your life, or you're going to be a virgin for all eternity. You should start by moving out of your grandmother's basement. Next I recommend an extreme amount of cardio, and its probably not a bad idea to buy a razor and cut off the internet connection. You should also probably stop masturbating so much with that death grip if you're ever going to get you're baby dick half hard at the first sight of a woman you may possibly have a chance of communicating with. However, most importantly, don't get your hopes up because I'm pretty much everything every woman on earth wants, you're the compromise. I'm strong, sexy, intelligent, hung, affluent, cultured, and I'll be the one you hate, the one you want to be so bad, the one you'll thank in 5-years when you get there and look back on this post and thank me for showing you the things that you daddy never did. I believe in you son, its time to be a man"
I hope he's kidding about that part.
Otherwise, he should call these guys and tell them that they're doing it wrong :