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Originally Posted by NeoE46 View Post
Ok. This has to qualify as THE DUMBEST STATEMENT on the entire forum. The ECU is monitoring tens of sensors (from throttle input to air fuel ratio to exhaust gas temp to O2 in exhaust and on and on)and adjusting timing (which includes ignition, valves, etc.) many times per second. If you think the ECU waits until the knock sensor activates to start adjusting the timing you really need to go back to that site and re-read it.

Sadly, your comment with regards to having to be a scientist or engineer to understand the content on the site let's me know you are neither. If I am somehow mistaken about that, then do your Alma Matter a favor and keep the name of the school to yourself.
Seriously, when everything is misinformation, correct information is just noise. Do your own damn research instead of claiming to know anything about what I'm saying.

at least one smart person on here:

Anyone who doesn't believe me, feel free to run 87 in your M3. Nothing bad will happen if you run it tank after tank. Really.. *snicker* Correction, run 87, and deleted cats, headers, and straight pipe exhaust.

Doesn't matter, looks like you're about to get schooled anyway, they're working on BMW's.. here come lots and lots of datalogs and user tunes. Knew I should have taken the job with these guys:

"Adjusted boost levels, fuel, ignition timing".... different maps targeting 91 and 93 octane...

Serious frickin right here. The data says I'm right. Good timing Cobb.

Also, just to rub it in a little more "BMW ECU are super awesome and do calculations at 1 jigawatt and fairies know what the right timing is"

Is that a timing map? oh noes!!!
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