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Originally Posted by Garduna View Post
I simply don't have any faith in european brands bringing over the good stuff to north america lol. And if my some strike of luck one does come over....... it'll be oh so rare and overpriced. That's how I feel at least.
Originally Posted by TimZ View Post
We never get the hot European hatches. They are so much fun to drive. Not even Ford gives us their top of the line focus rs500. This has always made me wonder whyyy??!!!
My cousin has a vw mk4 r32 golf in manual, this deserves to be among the top 5 cars Ioved to drive. The exhaust note is so beautiful
Would love to own one of those just to mess around in
I think it is generally because they would either money or have to charge too much for the Euro-spec cars. This is one reason why Ford hasn't brought the Euro Mondeo and Focus over here, because it cost too much for them to make. I guess they have sorted out the logistics now and have a global platform, so it is starting to make sense.

With the currency where it is now, it makes it even easier to sell a better quality product in Europe because of the relative value of the currency.

It could also have to do with emissions and other regulatory aspects, but I really don't know. The diesels are certainly a regulatory issue, particularly California and some northeastern states being a pain in the ass. That is specifically why we didn't get the Subaru Legacy turbodiesel; it could meet requirements for every state but Cali and NY I think.

In the end, it must all come down to money in one way or another... if they could make enough money to balance the hassle, you can bet they would be over here.
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