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Originally Posted by AngelinIsRich08 View Post
I've seen and driven the A7. It's not that good looking when seen in person IMO. The 2012 Benz CLS is amazing though. And the price differences between those two cars isn't that much. In fact the CLS looks like the better buy. The A7 I drove was a 3.0l V6 (don't know its exact hp but I doubt they're much) was over $80,000. And the Benz looks so much nicer too and its base model is 368 hp. Around the same price as the A7 too.
You are the first I have heard say that they think it's not good looking, sure certain element of the design mightn't appeal but generally overall everyone that's seen it like what they see. Coming from an X5M I can understand why you might feel the 3.0L with only 310hp was weedy but taken into context the car is still capable of reaching 100mph in a little over 13 seconds, this isn't exactly slow. As for it costing over $80K, fully loaded with equipment you would neither need nor know what to do with yeah it will cost this much but similarly specced with a CLS the difference won't be that vast.

I haven't seen the CLS in person so can only base my opinion on picture, from what I see I like it, certain elements are less appealing like the rear quarter on a side profile which in my opinion look excessively long and doesn't have the flow of the previous model. Apart from this minor misgiving I think it's wonderful looking car with a beautiful interior, something I can seldom say about a Merc interior.


Just decided to check out and build each of these cars (A7 and CLS), to my surprise the A7 even in Prestige with a similar spec to the CLS550 worked out more than $11K less ($67,555 vs $78,795). A modest chip tune on the 3.0TFSI will give you over 400hp and similar performance whilst retaining the linear delivery of it's supercharger engine and will probably still give you a better mpg than the Merc as well. There appears to be a lot of misinformation here about the price of Audi cars.

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