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Originally Posted by AwesomeBMW2 View Post
Sorry, I wasn't trying to sound like a dick, and hopefully I didn't. I'm just VERY much an asshole, hahaha.
No way! Appreciate the opinion, I may wind up feeling the same way once I actually, uh, drive one...

Originally Posted by IGotId View Post
I've been looking for a replacement for my e46 since my family outgrew my M3...I posted threads on the forums I typically post on asking for opinions on an e90 ZCP vs. a V wagon:

I was pleasantly surprised w/ re: the positive feedback on the V wagon! Anyhow, I've been looking to order the Caddy but the factory has shut down production on '11s & '12s won't be available until mid-to-late August I've been spending more time here over the last several days & am getting more tempted by an e90 ZCP in Silverstone or LMB!
Thanks for the links.

Originally Posted by IGotId View Post
I've test driven a V coupe in manual & a wagon in're correct, the 6MT wagon is special order only...
Good to know. I might try a dealer locate, always people who flake or change their mind.
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