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Originally Posted by footie View Post
Whilst I can understand why some may be satisfied by name and engine noise there are others that might want to dig deeper into a car's abilities, that is why I personally prefer what Porsche bring to the table. Remember these are meant to be the best driving experience at any amount of money, that's why given the choice I would choose a GT3RS or GT2RS over a 458 and why I would pick a Cayman R over either the 1M or M3, even though these cars are still all exceptional.

On car forums you are going to get people who prefer one brand over another and will get excited about different elements. As long as we can all come away respecting and understand why the other person has this opinion then I feel progress has been made.
Leave it, mate. People will complain and moan about cars which they can't yet afford - this young one does not yet understand that driving pleasure does not necessarily equate to horsepower or 0-60 times.

To Stoutnj - any car can be viewed as overpriced. You need to look at what the car brings to the table as a whole, and then see if it's priced according to your wants and desires. Clearly for you, Porsches are not worth their money. That's fine. But for others, the feedback, precision, and driving experience that a Porsche provide is worth its weight in gold. I for one, would have taken a Cayman R over my current car, had it been available at the time. Cheers