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Originally Posted by sameh View Post
I'm sure 1M is a great car, it just gets a little iffy when people start comparing it to M3. I have never seen threads comparing M3 to M5 or M6 or if there is any, it must be just a handful of them but personally I have not seen any. More 135, 335, 335is and now 1M drivers are more obsessed with M3 than M3 drivers being obsessed with ANY other car (may be GT3). If that says anything it says M3 drivers are faaar more satisfied with their car than most other groups. Satisfied with their pros AND cons. We admit our M3 short comings and we have no problems accepting them. And that doesn't come from being delusional, it comes from being confident. Congrats and thanks for the honest review.
Difference between 335is & M3 is $7k

M3 to M6 was $40k

The 1M also shares major parts with the M3 while the M5/M6 did not.

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