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Originally Posted by FTS View Post
I think your instructor was Ryan with the dark grey GT3 RS, right? He is an excellent driver and instructor, you were lucky. Nice, smooth driving.

The first day was really crazy. In 8 years I have been DE'ing, I have never seen anything like it, an incident during all first three sessions in different groups, very unusual. But I think we closed the weekend on a high note with Saturday and Sunday having very few issues, good, cordial driving.

Cheers, that you??? LOL!

No he rode me pretty hard all day Friday, and I thought that I was struggling, and then after first session Saturday, he said "What do you think about going solo?".

I made sure that when I saw him afterwards I said "You must be a lot heavier than you look, I passed several cars without you in the car!" He was a good guy, and liked the fact he dropped by several times to make sure I was alright through Saturday and Sunday. He scared the crap out of me in his GT3!