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My New Le Mans Blue E92

I snapped some shots this afternoon. My wife is a photographer, so I have thousands and thousands of dollars worth of equipment. You'd think I'd be able to take a decent photo, but I'm just don't have an artistic bone in my body. I was shooting at 1 in the afternoon (worst time), so I was having a tough time capturing the true Le Mans color.

I picked the car up in Spartanburg on the 23rd. What a great experience. I got the first flat tire of my life on the way back to Orlando in my brand new car. I almost had a melt down, but lucked into finding a shop in very, very rural SC that plugged it at 5:30PM after they had already closed. You've got to love the South. People were so nice trying to help me. Not to mention I offered them $100 to patch it, but they wouldn't take my money.

I've been working on the car for what seems to be 8 hours a day for the past five days in sweat box Florida. I've guzzled two cases of Gatoraid but have loved every second getting it all set-up.

I washed it when I got home at 2AM on Tuesday morning to get the zillions of bugs off; did a proper wash the next morning; stripped whatever silicone based crap off the paint that BMW uses; took the wheels off, clay barred and sealed them; installed gloss black badge, painted reflectors, Edition grills and gills, RPI scoops, BMC filter; installed Arkym front lip for the first time (had to take it off a couple of times to get it to fit properly); clay bar the entire car, polish, first coat of wax, waited a day and put 2nd coat of wax on; installed Lux Angel Eyes; cleaned interior and windows; installed painted keyhole delete; fixed temporary tag (got pulled over and got a warning for having it in the rear window); installed Vanguard Exhaust (obsessed for hours to get tips aligned and still not happy with it yet); finally drove the car four days after getting it home; yanked the Arkym lip off and reinstalled; fixed tips again; washed again; and finally took a few crappy photos today.

Here you go. Hopefully a proper shoot coming next weekend.