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Originally Posted by footie View Post
Yeah it's my opinion, and the opinion of a racing instructor who's job was teaching guys who came on trackdays. We both had the very same opinion that once you disregarded to engine note and ignored to name what you were left with was something not as great as expected. Build quality isn't really that good and certainly not at the level of an equivalent Porsche.

Like I said, I haven't driven the latest ones so that opinion was based on past models but on each of those occasions I continued to compare the experience to a Porsche and in my humble opinion it didn't come close, especially when you took each to the track. For example, drive a 355 or 430 on the track and then drive a humble Cayman S on the same track, they are both mid-engined and yet the experience is so much better in the Porsche. It's why I rated the R8 so highly because it behaves so similar to a big Cayman.

Ferrari make special cars, no doubt in this but the sum of their parts aren't as special in my eyes as is with Porsches. Just look at the number of occasions Porsche win driver's car of the year and you will understand what I mean by this.
I think the engine note is a big part and so is the name. You could never convince me that porsche is all that you make it to be.

Like I said I always come up saying but I could have _____ for that price or a lil more..

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