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Originally Posted by aleckzandr View Post
Car of the day and most improved driver both days? Unheard of. Congratulations! I drove like poop the whole weekend. I had Mac (white e36 m3) as instructor on Sunday and Clay T. (red RX-7) on Saturday. Highlight of the weekend for me was doing the prarie corkscrew particularly well (a rare occurrence that weekend) on Saturday with Clay and he yells out. "F&CK YEAAAA!!! LOVE THIS SH!T!!!". I laughed my butt off down the whole front straight! It was hard to concentrate for T#1.
I've had Mac as an instructor for one session in Pueblo. He's a great instructor. Picks up very quickly where you should spend you time working. Plus he gave me a great deal on wheels for my husband's race car this past winter.

Originally Posted by aleckzandr View Post
dnvrdrvr, I had particular trouble with T#11, I tried a variety of lines to try to get my car to rotate better in there. It was particularly nasty to keep speed in there when someone knocked those cones onto the road at turn entry in the last afternoon session.
T11: Go in just left of center, hard on your brakes entering the brake zone, gradually ease off so you're trail braking through the corner (will help rotate the car). Breathe off the throttle a little if you need to hit that last inch of curbing on the apex, then right on the throttle & momentum will carry you back out & onward. We tried to get those cones out as soon as we could but had to wait until the session ended, you should've kept left of them (there was just enough room) to set up for T11.

Edited to add: Oh yeah, be patient before beginning turn-in there too. waaaiiitt... waaaaaiiiiiittt..... TURN!
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