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Super easy mod to do, just completed this AM.

For those with EDC it's not really any different, remove the dust cover over the shock tower and pull the EDC connector straight up (it's just an electrical connection). It goes back in only one way (look at the narrow ridges on the connector and look in the top of the shock strut for the narrow channels they fit in so you're close when you go back to reinstall) so don't worry about alignment when reassembling.

Just to clarify one item, you need to remove the screws (8 mm nut driver) from both sides of the car to loosen the plastic cowl / rear weather-stip channel so that you can remove the black strut tower braces. It's easiest to just go ahead and remove the cover for the brake fluid reservoir on the driver's side and the cover for the DME on the passenger side so you can get at those two screws closest to the front of the channel.