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Originally Posted by signes View Post
Cool, thanks for the update. I need to find one around here just to try for size, overall impression... even if its an auto.

Hope my post didn't come across the wrong way, was just thinking out loud about how your thoughts would relate to my needs.

At the end of the day, I'm just a car lover not a brand whore. Would love to try another great car in this class if its worth it to me. Just need to figure that out!
Believe me, your words were not misconstrued. I found them funny because once I re-read my original post I realized I sounded like a prick, haha. So your joke made me laugh. I read what you said and then went over to drive my dad's CTS-V for the day just to remind myself of the feeling, and I still feel the same way. It takes too long for me to acclimate to that car each time I drive it. It's just something about it.

I used to have to drive my father's CTS and then his V a lot before I got my M3. I'd driven the M3 on numerous occasions, but never as often as I drove a CTS or CTS-V. That's just a little background so I don't sound too biased.

Like I said, if you find the right car that suits you, then it's the right deal, ya know? Sorry, I wasn't trying to sound like a dick, and hopefully I didn't. I'm just VERY much an asshole, hahaha.

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