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Originally Posted by OBI_agent View Post
Camonnn man.....I'm all for this thread. The disturbing images shared in this thread might make rash drivers change their driving styles. This thread will warn people in this way ''Be careful or you will end up like this''.
thanks it shows how careless driving can get you into some trouble

Originally Posted by gonzo View Post
You need to see picture after picture of death and destruction to remember to drive safely?

The thread title alone is towards the weird side IMO.

accidents!!! rolled up on

I have never "rolled up on" a wreck and gotten out and taken a picture of it. Have you?

c'mon man
im a FF/EMT and this pic was takin after pt was transported to the hospital

Originally Posted by atlanta2004m3 View Post
depending on their profession. Just remember the first responder (fire or cop, cannot recall) out in California that posted accident scene pictures of a teen girl in a Porsche wreck and it got all over the net. Parents sued, guy lost job if I recall correctly, but those ones were gruesome, victim shots and all. Guy wasn't very sharp at all, if he'd stopped to think for even a second about what he was doing.

Just be smart and use your head, which also applies to how one should drive and you don't need accident shots for that. Seems more voyeur-based than "educational" here.

Best to close this thread, seems illthought out.
no where in this pic shows the patient, nor any identifying features ie License plate etc. the reason they were sued in Cali was that there was pictures of the dead girl pics of the license plate etc. that is a HIPPA (patient privacy act) violation.