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Originally Posted by footie View Post
If you feel Porsches are over priced then what must you not think of Ferarris. Afterall they offer not real performance advantage over Porsche yet cost a packet in comparison and are less reliable to boot.

Sorry for not understanding your logic, the CGT offers no performance enchancement over the GT2RS yet cost how much more. It seems that at times you champion value over image/prestige/status and yet your only Porsche that's worthy in your opinion is the most overpriced of them all.

In a word ...... confused am I.
I agree with you about the CGT.. And that just proves my point over priced..

Forget the CGT.. Just a Porsche I like. But you get so much more from a Ferrari thats why they cost so much more. Look at the Top Gear times.. Also I am more of a day to day driver, I very rarely get to hit the track unless I am Invited.

I like the CGT because of the # of them, The engine of course...(WOW WHAT A SOUND) and the design.

I just feel every time I look at a Porsche and see the price I say "Damn for that price I could have ________"

Hell I saw this today and got excited..
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