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Originally Posted by cuban335i View Post
Anything is overpriced to people that can't afford them

IMO I don't think Porsche is overpriced at all, just some of their options are a little too expensive for what you get. But at the end of the day, it is a porsche you're dealing with. What IS overpriced though are the AMG models (CL, SL, and S class in particular).. ie - the CL 65 is $207,000...

Oh and I absolutely love the Cayman R and I don't think the 1M is even close in comparison. To me the 1M is a 135i with a widebody, the performance power kit, and M3 suspension bits retrofitted to it. I should also let it be known that I would take a N/A engine over a boosted one any day of the week, so I may be a little biased even though I own a 335i
Huh... U couldn't afford the M3!!!??!! JK. Just because I say it is overpriced does not mean I couldn't afford it. I went to look at a Cayman S before I bought my 1. How much is the R. If its M3 money I would buy the M3 any day of the week. And that to me would make it overpriced. I will never own a porsche. Unless it looks like this... (A friends car in the pic)

You are the biggest hypocrite on this forum. WOW.. You drive a 335i Hey by the way start looking at new performance cars that are coming out, N/A engines are not the way to go anymore. The power and MPGs you get from a turbo is great!

I was not trying to be mean.. Ps- u car looks great.

My friend had a Porsche turbo (vert) and Now he has a CL 550. The CL AMG its a TT V12 pushing over 600HP for 200K. ONE HELL OF A DEAL.. If you think thats overpriced I would hate to hear what you think a Zonda is priced at.. Thats one hell of a deal (A TT V12 GOD might as well hand over the throne to u)
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