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Originally Posted by H Bomb View Post
yeah the manual is the only way to go on the CTS V in my op, if your a car junky like us.

the dealer i did a swap with down in LI the other day already sold all there black diamond coupes. i was actually suprised they went that fast but they are a really big dealer and have been around for years. there pullin over 100 cars a month with a good chunk being CTS V's

sig i put a call in with my Caddy rep who handles alot of CTS V stuff so i should know something by tue. it would of been sooner but i forgot it is a holiday weekend. Sarrant the place i picked up the ESV from has sold 6mt wagons he said but all were ordered so i couldn't get a def answer
Cool, thanks for the update. I need to find one around here just to try for size, overall impression... even if its an auto.

Originally Posted by AwesomeBMW2 View Post
Haha, yeah, I'm totally torn. I looked at used Vs, C63 AMGs and RS4s when looking for my M3. I enjoy all of those cars, especially the AMG, but the M3 just does it for me. I think, personally, if you want a car that does your daily duties almost perfectly, the M3 is the car. Granted, the trunk is a bit shorter than the CTS, but most of the stuff in the M3 feels more comfortable and bigger. There are more places to put things in the front, too.

But ultimately, it's your buy with your money. As a former car salesman, I always tell people, if you're happy with it and you think it was money well spent, then it was a great deal.
Hope my post didn't come across the wrong way, was just thinking out loud about how your thoughts would relate to my needs.

At the end of the day, I'm just a car lover not a brand whore. Would love to try another great car in this class if its worth it to me. Just need to figure that out!
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