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Thanks. I'm overlaying the data on my go pro video then the videos will be ready to go. I don't look at any lap times while I am on track but I noticed last time out I was consistent at 2:08/9 in the Gt3. I lose a lot of time in the uphill esses because I am focusing too much at all the other Porsche Tombstones in the cow pastures on the right! You need to make up time in turn 3, uphill esses, oak tree...16 and 17.

I am right around 95 going into turn 3 and I need to be closer 105. Uphill esses I need to carry more speed uphill instead of coming into them too fast then screwing up my line. Oak tree I am fine, 3rd down to 2nd and then flat out. 16 and 17 well, that is an area you can carry a lot of speed onto the front straight. I am working on going faster in that area. I think with cool weather and slicks on the Gt3 I can pull a 2:05/6 which is alright for a crappy driver like myself..
von_zoom and I will be there this weekend with Track Daze and he is going to school me!

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