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Originally Posted by LiM3y View Post
The Friday morning was the craziest time I have seen at a track day. First session, a 911 hits a wall and knocks off his front bumper, another had to be towed off as his radiator became unhinged. After that, an attendee complained of dizziness and chest pains and was taken to hospital, meaning the track was closed for an hour while the EMS/Ambulance was away. Once the track re-opened, the second lap of that session, an prepped E36 had his steering wheel unclipped before the bridge at the bottom of the climbing esses, resulting in a wild ride right up the side of the bridge ramparts...I mean right up almost to the road across the bridge. The driver was okay. The organizing team did a great job in reorganizing the schedule and despite the 90 minutes of delays, most run groups got there full time. Thanks to the VIR flaggers who switched lunch and breaks to accommodate us. The day finished with a Corvette popping his engine and going up in smoke. They were picking engine parts off the track and the back end was melted down and destroyed. What a day! I have never seen anything like it.
...and the day ended with a swarm of locusts, frogs falling from the sky, and a Biblicial flood in the Hogpen.

Seriously, though, what a great writeup and videos. Thanks for taking the time to put it all together. Your self-deprecating humor is fantastic--a nice change from the frequent unwarranted bravado on a lot of these message boards.